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Special Events For 2018

Demolition Derby

August 4th 2018

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Darren Baker Memorial
Midwest Modified Special
June 17, 2018

1st place: Scott Bintz. 2nd place: Brandon Rehill. 3rd place: Austin Hunter.

1st place Scott Bintz 1S

2nd place Brandon Rehill 4B

3rd place Austin Hunter 44


Special Events For 2017


Pure Stock Special August 13, 2017

1st Place #13  Jamie Smith

2nd Place #9 Les McRae

3rd Place #48c Michael Copp


BRAD WALL MEMORIAL     July 23rd,2017

Some of the contingencies that will be payed out.
Hard Charger $100.00 (Zach Doctor)
Fastest Lap $250.00 Doug &Chantal Perrier
Long Haul $250.00 Roxbury Racing
Hard Luck $250.00 Rob Campbell Repair...
Highest Finishing #25 $125.00 Johnson Paint and Body
Highest Finishing Fast Graphix Customer $100.00 Fast Graphix
$150 Split to heat winners Fast Graphix
Dirty Bodies Dirty Slider(Pass of the Race) $150.00 Dirty Bodies by RJK
10th place finisher $225 Imrie Demolition

Special Thanks to

We are just under a week away from an awesome event. total payout with all contingencies will be around $14000.00. Big thank you to all who helped. Fehr Farms, Wolfe Enterprises, Penner waste, Diamand Autobody, ERS Towing, Midnite Towing, Precision Land solutions, Winkler Canvas, Janzen Chevrolet, Doug & Veronica Frost, Sheldon Gerbrandt, Max Mobility, Alh Speedway, Performance Auto Canada, Keewatin Truck Service, Adams Automotive, Roxbury Racing, Skyline Auto, LGT Transport, Reflection Transport, Fast Graphix, Cousins Farms, Doug and Chantal Perrier, Verns Custom, Vintage Bods and Rods, Rob Campbell Repair,Johnson Paint and Body, Zach Dockter, FYE Motorsports, Kerwin Hiebert, Ernie Wiebe, Dave and Ann Martens, Toews Printing, Dylan Sabatini, Dirt E Tees, Dirty Bodies by RJK, Imrie Demolition

1st Place Winner

#10 Justin Vogel

2nd Place Winner

#18B Adam Burrows

3rd Place Winner

#3C Cory Dykhoff


DARREN BAKER MEMORIAL     June 18th,2017

1st Place Winner

Austin Hunter

2nd Place Winner

Cody Wall

3rd Place Winner

Zack Dockter

We would like to thank all the Sponsors to make this a Special Memorial Race in Honor of Darren Baker

August 5th - Demo Derby

4-Cylinder Champs

1st Place #16 Josh Jackson
2nd place #DG13 Dean Gagnon
3rd Place #2 Emerson Ham

Full Size Champs

1st Place #35 Derick Kunka
2nd Place #72 Rudy Peters
3rd place #23 keith Marsolais

Special Events For 2016

Darren Baker Memorial June 19th,2016


Congrats to Murray Kozie #55 on Winning the Darren Baker Memorial Race

2nd place #17 Christopher Leek

3rd place #54 Brodie Dobson

Special Thanks to our Sponsors

The Baker Family
The Hunter Family
Murray Kozie
Shifters Restaurant
Rick Fehr
Rod Fehr Racing
Brodie Dobson
Gary Unrau
Mark - Polar Industries
Carman Concrete


Pure Stock Special August 14th, 2016

Brad Wall #25 Feature Winner 2016

 Special Events For 2015

Congratulations to 21X of Travis Saurer on winning the 2nd Darren Baker Memorial June 21st/2015


Special Events For 2014

 Congratulations to #11 Bryan Kakela on winning the first Darren Baker Memorial Race June 22nd 2014


Watermelon Cup Winner

August 10th 2014 Feature Winner

Lightning Sprint #33

Murray Temple


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